About Veterans Golf Club

The Veterans Golf Club of Southern Oregon is a 501(c)3 not-for-profit organization dedicated to helping local veterans enrich their lives through the game of golf.

Our Goals

Provide resources and opportunities for all Veterans to enjoy the game of golf.

Support local Veterans, public charities and organizations through our Outreach Program

Our Philosophy

The organization is dedicated to supporting Veterans and introducing them to the recreational and educational benefits of golf in a social environment.

Soldiers returning from military service have found the game of golf can be used in recreational therapy to help patients in their rehabilitation. Golfing with other Veterans can improve their transition to civilian life and aid the servicemember in their daily functioning and independence. 

Brief History

For over 10 years, members volunteered to operate and help maintain the Veteran Memorial Golf Course located at the Veterans Administration Facility in White City. Due to the closure of the Veteran Memorial Golf Course, November 2017, this valuable resource is no longer available to area Veterans and their guests. 

We will not let the Veterans down.